Friday, November 18, 2011

Union Charges Dues to Parents Caring for Their Own Disabled Children

Robert Haynes feeds his son who has cerebral palsy
How insidious is it that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) charges a family union dues for providing care to their own children who are afflicted with cerebral palsy? Under a scheme originally cooked up during the Granholm administration, home health-care "workers" have been placed in a union, in many cases without their knowledge or consent. The stipend they get from the state has monthly dues deducted, which go to the SEIU. Read more here.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone says HB 4003 will fix this, but after reading the bill it seems that all it is doing is clarifying current law that should already be prohibiting this. So if this union scheme breaks current law, even if HB 4003 gets signed into law (it has passed out of the House, now in the Senate), what is to say that a Granholm, Snyder, or next governor won't instruct their agencies to continue to break that law as well? They cut the checks, and they withhold the dues from those checks. When I break the law I pay a fine or go to jail, but the legislature no longer seems to be able to keep state government accountable. I used to think it was an excuse when my Senator said there was nothing they could do to stop something. Now I'm not so sure, all the checks and balances seem to be going away.