Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Resart Congress: Term Limits

Senator Jim DeMint
South Carolina Republican Jim DeMint has introduced an amendment to the Constitution that would apply term limits to members of Congress.

Ten Republican Senators joined DeMint in his call to limit U.S. Representatives to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms in office.

“If we’re ever going to permanently change Washington, we must change the process that encourages career politicians to amass personal power instead of making the hard decisions for the nation,” said Senator DeMint. “We need true citizen legislators who spend their time defending the constitution, not currying favor with lobbyists. We need new leaders continually coming to Congress to ensure every taxpayer dollar is spent wisely, not wasted on Washington special interests. We must end the era of permanent politicians that has led us to a $14 trillion debt and a pending fiscal crisis.” Read more.

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Anonymous said...

Term limits at the state level, without having them at the federal level, has been a disaster. Not only do we continue to lose state's rights champions while the embedded federals never leave until scandal takes them away, but too many at the state level who find themselves looking for a job at the end of term limits end up spending the limited time they have at the state level kissing up to the feds. No wonder the 10th Amendment is dead.