Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Senator Joe Hune Works to Save the Family Farm

Senator Hune
From Joe's Newsletter:
Generations of children have learned the value of honest work and gained valuable life skills on family farms across our great state.

Yet proposed revisions to federal child labor regulations could put that way of life at risk. I co-sponsored a resolution calling on the U.S. Department of Labor to stop a proposal to prohibit youth under age 16 from performing any agricultural work with animals and all work if the farm is owned by a family member other than the child's parents - even grandparents or siblings.

Certainly, we want to protect our young people in the workplace, but the proposed federal rules show an amazing lack of knowledge of how family farms operate.

The revisions would not only impact family operations, but could eliminate all 4-H, FFA and Extension training programs and prohibit kids under age 16 from raising animals and showing them at county fairs.

I urge the federal government to look at ways to promote our agricultural heritage, not undermine it.
Senator Emmons
Read the text of Senate Resolution 94, sponsored by Senator Judy Emmons here.

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