Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are Michigan Employers Hiring Illegals?

Sometimes, Michigan business owners are hiring illegal immigrants knowingly, sometimes they are doing so not knowing for sure whether their employees are in Michigan legally or not. Under new legislation introduced by Dave Agema, this issue will be resolved. Agema's bills, HB 4024 and 4026, will make use of the E-verify system, a quick and reliable way of checking the legal status of immigrants.

This is a government-run program which always raises suspicion about its reliability and efficiency. But, as reported by James Edwards in NumbersUSA, "Queries in this program give accurate responses 96 percent of the time. Not bad for a government program...99 of 104 employers sampled were generally satisfied with E-Verify. Those employers reported that the program isn’t burdensome."

It is a matter of security, (we need to know who is in our country), and a matter of legality regarding employment, taxation, benefits, etc. You can learn much more about E-verify here.

House Commerce Committee Chair Wayne Schmidt has been sitting on this bill since January. Please encourage him to take it up. His email is here. After all, what is it about the word illegal that we don't understand?

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Anonymous said...

I Just lost my job at Magna Alto Mi. due to a barely speaking English Spanish woman, She came over to where i was working an said to a coworker why you helping this bitch in Spanish, so i reported her, an 2 weeks later i was let go from my job. She is hired in an i was a temp thru manpower i needed this job so badly for me an my daughter we just lost our house an we do not have a car right now an we are living in a one room efficiency apt. we barely have food in the house an this woman that i never met before from another country who barely speaks our language is working an i am not, i do not understand how i am suppose to survive when there is so many illegal immigrants working our jobs. Desperately seeking for some answers. Scared an alone