Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Tax "Opportunity": The Internet Sales Tax

Two legislators have introduced bills in the House to impose sales taxes on anyone who sells products on the Internet. It appears to be part of the effort led by Senator Dick Durbin, (D) IL. which would require that Internet-based retailers and mail-order companies collect state and local sales taxes. It also authorizes state and local governments to collect these taxes.

The bottom line is, this is just another way to collect taxes, thus giving the government more of your money to spend. Here is a great article that gives a clear perspective on the legislation. The bill numbers are HB 5004 and 5005. After reading up, please contact Chairman Jud Gilbert and share your thoughts.


Brad Koch said...

Either eliminate the sales tax or extend it to online sales. It's unfair to Michigan businesses that they have to charge sales tax while out of state retailers who sell online don't.

Anonymous said...

Taxes are taxes. They are nearly all unfair.