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Many of you will be attending the state party convention February 20-21, 2009, where you will have an opportunity to vote for your next party chair. But how can you make an intelligent decision if you do not know the candidates? In this letter, I will tell you where I stand and how I have voted on various issues key to the future of Michigan. Look them over and challenge the other candidates in this race to tell you their position on the issues and reveal their record.

  • Spending - I routinely opposed irresponsible increases in state spending when it has been demonstrated that the state wastes your money regularly. I only voted for budgets that stayed within the rate of inflation. In 2007, I was one of four legislators who voted NO on a $1.4 billion increase in spending in a year when almost no one saw their income go up.

  • Taxes - In six years as a state legislator, I never voted for a tax increase.

  • Regulations - I opposed additional regulations that greatly hampered economic expansion. Businesses have reduced their investments in Michigan because of too many taxes and over-regulation.

  • 2nd Amendment - I faithfully supported the second amendment and am rated "A" with the National Rifle Association.

  • Property rights - I am a staunch supporter of private property rights and supported legislation to fight eminent domain for economic development and regulatory takings.

  • Education - I believe in accountability, transparency, and efficiency in public education. I introduced legislation to make public schools more accountable to the taxpayers. I supported parental choice and the expansion of public school academies.

  • Life and marriage - I have a 100% pro-life voting record and I supported the Marriage Amendment to the state constitution.

  • Equal rights - I openly supported the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

  • Embryonic stem cell research - I opposed the destruction of human embryos for any purpose.

  • Right to Work - I introduced legislation to give workers the right to join or NOT join a union at their place of employment.

  • Transparency - I introduced legislation to put the state checkbook online for easy review.

These issues represent the foundation of the Republican Party. Every one of them is in line with the majority of voters in Michigan and an overwhelming majority of Republicans. These are the positions that conservative voters and donors expect from their elected officials.

We will not win elections without the work and support of the grassroots party members and the finances of our Republican friends. Neither will come if they don't believe their candidates will fight for these issues. And why wouldn't we if the majority of voters support them?

Now that you know my record, you can compare it to my good opponents, Ron Weiser and Norm Shinkle. I invite you to ask them where they stand.

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