Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sir, We've gone plaid.


Can you believe we have survived these many years in Michigan without a "state tartan"? No longer! I am pleased to report that the House of Representatives has passed HB 5904, establishing an Official State Tartan for Michigan. I thought the rationale presented for why we needed this was compelling. In the caucus document explaining the bill, under the heading of "Arguments in Support", this was the reason given: "Michigan shouldn't be left out when almost half the country has adopted an official state tartan."


AndrewBiddinger said...

Wow, lol. Sounds so awesome. I can't believe we have survived!

Old Bill said...

Politicans need it.

A newsman was questioning a politican. I have been interviewing you for five years and I have yet to get a definitive answer to my questions. I have one final question. What is your favorite color.
Politican thought a minute and replied PLAID

John Galt said...

Your full time legislature, people, tackling the important issues of the day.

Meanwhile, the looming hole in the budget has been reshuffled until after the legislature's collective naptime.

Jack, if you could get airtime - ANYWHERE - take advantage of the opportunity to highlight this and why Michigan Republicans should be working towards real issues. Then promote the hell out of the video. If you start acting like MIGOP Chairman, people will follow.