Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There is a Rat Head in My Coke!

Imagine your reaction if you were to pull a 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola off the shelf in the grocery store and see that floating inside! Certainly you would not buy that bottle of Coke, but you might just decide to become a Pepsi drinker. Hey, if Coke's quality control is that poor, maybe it's time to switch.

I am happy to say Coca-Cola has never had such a quality problem. If fact, quality and consistency is the hallmark of the company. You can purchase a Coke anywhere in the world and know exactly what you are going to get, that sweet and refreshing flavor and fizz.

My 15 years of professional sales experience taught me that I could be a great salesman with low prices and fast delivery, but if my product quality was suspect, I lost the sale. Customers are not going to buy a product if it isn't what they paid for. It's known in the trade as brand ID. You must always protect and uphold the brand.

We have experienced this with the Republican Party lately. In this case the customers are the voters and donors. They have been buying a particular product from the GOP. But they have not always been getting what they paid for. Not every elected official in the party has let them down. In fact, the majority of Republican candidates have held to their principles. The problem is, when one Republican fails in his commitment to the principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility, he spoils the brand for the entire party.

Simply stated, a Republican who votes for a tax increase is regarded by many as a rat head in a Coke bottle. I have talked to many faithful Republicans all around the state and have heard it over and over again. They are losing faith in the product, they don't believe in the brand anymore.

As your Party Chairman, it will be my responsibility to lead us to victory in 2010 and raise the funds necessary to make that happen. The first step is repairing our brand ID. We must be sure we know what we stand for and restore voter confidence. The candidates we put on the ballot must follow through when elected to office. Fund raising will become much easier when the contributors have confidence in the brand.

We want to be sure that when the customer purchases the Republican brand, he gets the same quality every time, not a "rat head in a Coke bottle."


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*Thanks to Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform for his brilliant word picture. It has helped illustrate what needs to be done to bring the GOP back to prominence. You can read more from Grover and ATR here.

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