Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Practicing Architecture Without a License to become a Felony

Thank goodness the House is here to protect you! We just passed HB 4937. 

HB 4937 creates a new felony for the third offense of practicing the profession of architect, professional land surveyor or professional engineer without a license. Sentencing guidelines need amending to allow judges to create sentences for this crime. Well, we have lots of room in the prisons...don't we?

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Walerian Domanski said...

Licensing ...hm,hm.Our famous architect - designer of Museum in Washington , and so many buildings Loyd Wright never got full education as a architect ! Our building inspectors are licensed ..but they are not structural engineers ! !!!! And are they doing good indpections ? Nor really ! No time for good inspection ! Mechanical inspector came to my house ..but he did not check anything ! ( It was new air conditioning and heating system in my house .
Why we need inspectors at all ?
Builders should ntake full responsibility for they works .
Walerian Domanski