Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Poll Says: Pass Right to Work!

A poll done by "the polling company (tm), inc/Woman Trend on behalf of Americans for Prosperity - Michigan, in a survey of 600 voters across Michigan shows:
  1. Do you support a proposal to build a bridge funded by Michigan and Canadian governments? Total support = 31% Total oppose = 49%
  2. Do you support or oppose giving workers the right not to be forced to join a union? Total support = 71% Total oppose = 20%
  3. Do you support or oppose an increase in the gas tax here in Michigan? Total support = 13% Total oppose = 80%
These three answers are just the "topline" data. There were other questions asked and the poll was done scientifcally to get an accurate cross section of men and women, conservatives and liberals, and all parts of the state. Bottom line: the people of Michigan generally are opposed to a government built bridge, strongly in favor of a Right to Work bill, and very strongly opposed to an increase in gas taxes. Get more details on the poll here.


Anonymous said...

For much too long the Unions have pushed and bullied their program for no other purpose than to payback the politicians who gave them leverage in exchange for their vote. Unions within government can actually exercise power over the constituency, holding us captive and forcing increases in taxation for their benefit. Unions can become the coersive power under a tyrannical government.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Anonymous, the unions have become nothing more than a political "machine" pushing their way over anyone who 'dares' to disagree with them! Plus what I think many people are not getting is that when the "public sector" unions continue getting the ridiculous wages, insurance benefits and retirement plans they have (like retiring after working for only 30 years with nearly 100% of the incomes they made while employed) and then the position is then filled by another person making nearly identical income, benefits etc. so now the TAX PAYERS have to pay DOUBLE to have "that" particular job done! GM has been doing the same thing for years and guess what ... IT BANKRUPTED one of the largest companies on the planet... so WHY do the unions think that WE the taxpayers want to allow them to do the same thing to US they've done to literally thousands of companies all over the US?? PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS MUST GO!!!