Thursday, October 20, 2011

Call NOW! Stop the Bridge to Canada

Your immediate action is required! The Senate Economic Development Committee is set to vote this afternoon on a bill to build a taxpayer funded bridge from Detroit to Canada. The new substitute being pushed by Senate Majority Leader Richardville creates an authority to craft a "public-private agreement" for construction of the bridge. The bill now includes paying "community benefits" to neighborhoods in Detroit. This was apparently a deal that was brokered with Detroit legislators to gain their support.

You need to contact by phone or email, before 1:30 this afternoon, Senators Kowall, (chair), Hildenbrand, Nofs, Emmons and Hansen and ask them to vote NO on this bill. 

Why would the state create an authority (which can tax the citizens) and enter into a public contract to build a bridge when there is a private developer who has already started the construction of a new bridge? And why would the state build a bridge that we currently don't even need? 

Please call the above Senators now. By clicking on their name, you will find their phone number and email address. Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

You don't understand how much we need that bridge some of us actually use the current one and are held up for hours at the border!!!! I go to Canada a lot every year!!!