Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Detroit-Windsor Bridge: Yes, It IS a Government-Run Project

New approaches for second Ambassador bridge span are already completed with private funds
Here are a couple of quotes from the Windsor Star article of October 22 on the bridge project. It demonstrates that it is a government-run project. Regardless the propaganda and rhetoric coming from either side, one fact remains clear. In a limited-government philosophy, the government should never engage in a project when the private sector can do it because the private sector will ALWAYS do it either faster, or cheaper, or better, or all three combined.

When you hear "government-backed" or "publicly owned" you are hearing the exact opposite of privately backed or privately owned.

Windsor Star October 22, 2011:
Canada's federal government expressed dismay Friday over the rejection to construct the proposed $1-billion government-backed Windsor-Detroit bridge, by a handful of politicians who serve on a committee in the Michigan senate.

Federal transportation minister Denis Lebel has already spoken with Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder and confirmed the bridge project remains a top priority for the state's leader despite the setback, Butler said.

"The Government of Canada remains fully committed to building a new publicly owned crossing between Windsor and Detroit and will continue to work with the governments of Michigan and the U.S. to jointly examine other options for delivering the new crossing."

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