Friday, October 21, 2011

Farrington Introduces Bill to Hold Back Aggresive Regulations by State Government

Rep. Jeff Farrington
State Representative Jeff Farrington has introduced a bill to prohibit a state department or agency from promulgating rules more stringent than required by applicable federal standards. The bill also requires systematic review of existing rules, establishes that agency bulletins, interpretative statements, etc. do not have the force of law, and more. It passed the House in June and has been sitting idle in the Senate.

This is good legislation. It curtails the power of government and, if passed, will help promote jobs in Michigan. Companies considering relocation want to know how stringent the regs will be. If they know that the state could promulgate rules that are more stringent than federal regs, they are less likely to locate in Michigan. 

Contact Rep. Farrington to thank him for his work to limit government. And while you are at it, please ask Senator Mike Kowall to take the bill up in his Economic Development Committee. Senator Kowall is a solid, limited-government conservative. I am sure he will take it up.

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