Friday, February 11, 2011

Agema Finds Bridge Card Fraud. Corrigan Does Something About it.

For more than a year, Representative Dave Agema has been talking about the fraudulent usage of Bridge Cards, the replacement for food stamps, by college students. He was unable to get any action out of Governor Granholm and the Department of Human Services.

"There could be millions of dollars per month being lost to fraud and abuse, and yet we don't know how much the state is truly wasting because they don't do enough checks," Agema said. "If a college kid can simply call up DHS and tell them they want a Bridge Card and there is no verification of their income, how do we know that only those in need are getting the cards? We don't, and that's a big problem." From the Lansing State JournalIn recent weeks, Agema said, he has heard from many parents in his House district who say they are astonished their child is receiving the aid in college even though the parents are paying for all expenses. 

Incoming Governor Rich Snyder appointed former Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan as his new DHS director. She wasted no time in addressing the issue. She announced yesterday that effective April 1st, new rules will go into effect that more closely conform to federal requirements. This change will save the state millions.

Send Rep. Agema a note and thank him for his persistence in holding government accountable for the way they use YOUR tax dollars. Click here to reach his office.

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