Saturday, February 19, 2011

The 2011-2012 Budget By the Numbers

Here is a snapshot of total spending by area, including federal sources, in Governor Snyder's proposed budget. This proposal now goes to the Appropriations Committees of both houses for approval. They will make changes, but ultimately, their final numbers have to be in agreement before a budget can be passed into law. The budget year starts October 1, 2011. Over the past several years, the budget process has not been completed until, or AFTER October 1st. Snyder and the current legislature are committed to getting it done by June 1st.

Spending AreaTotal Expenditures
Agriculture$71.50 -6.50%
Attorney General$74.30 1.30%
Civil Rights$12.10 -5.30%
Community Colleges$295.90 0%
Community Health$13,965.30 -1.10%
Corrections$2,012.40 0.20%
Education$113.94 -10.30%
DELEG$1,272.10 -0.40%
Environmental Quality$405.80 2.60%
Executive Office$4.40 -5%
Higher Education$1,362.30 13.70%
Human Services$6,891.50 -0.80%
Judiciary$260.30 0%
Legislature$116.00 -1.20%
Military/Veterans$152.40 1.60%
Natural Resources$330.20 2.10%
School Aid$12,173.50 -7.30%
State$211.90 -0.80%
State Police$521.50 -2.10%
Tech, Mgmt, Budget$1,012.10 3.90%
Transportation$3,377.80 4.40%
Treasury$1,969.90 1.70%
Totals$46,627.20 -2.50%

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Anonymous said...

The snapshot shows a 2.5% decrease in spending overall... but looking at other sources, Gov. Snyder's budget is higher than last years by a bit... Is that right?