Friday, May 8, 2009

Socialized Medicine: The Ruling Class Needs to Go First

Watch out the U.S. Congress and the White House are starting a debate that could result in a radical change in the delivery, quality, cost, and choice of today’s health care system.


Historically the politicians in Washington pass programs that apply to American citizens but do not apply to themselves. We have a novel idea. It should apply first to those that pass it. Whatever healthcare program is proposed and passed into law should apply to Congress, all federal judges, the President and all their corresponding staff (the ruling political class).


If that pool isn’t large enough to achieve so called “efficiencies,” it can be expanded to all federal employees, all state and local elected officials, all state and local government employees and all public school and public university employees. There should be a three year pilot program with an extensive analysis of any and all cost savings that also includes an examination of the quality of care delivered.


The proposal is supposedly voluntary. The feds will subsidize a federally owned health insurance program that the private sector will not be able to compete with. So before we tear down or undermine our current system compliments of the U.S. taxpayer a pilot program is the way to go. The United States of America despite having a high level of engagement in high risk activities and lifestyles (i.e. smoking, etc.), has one of the higher life expectancy rates and the highest quality health delivery system. Let the politicians who want to tear this system down step-up to the plate and be first in-line for a pilot project testing a new system. Let the ruling class be the first to volunteer for their own program.


Dave Smith _ Ceresco, MI said...

Excellent Idea!! It makes so much common sense that NO ONE in Washington, DC has dared to shout it out. Where are the opposition voices in Washington?? Where are the Filibusters, Walkouts, Protests, Capitol Steps Press Conferences??

Where are the protests in Detroit for the massive takeover of private enterprises? Maybe we need to hire "Renta Crooked Protester"/ACORN. I am amazed at the deafening silence from our well manicured Congressmen and Senators.

This is a great Idea that needs to be shouted. "NATIONAL HEALTHCARE FOR GOVERNMENT WORKERS FIRST"!!

Thanks, Jack

Michigan Redneck II said...

That's a great idea! Probably whatever idea that they come up with for us "little people" would be like Cuba compared to whatever taxpayer funded healthcare they have for themselves. Although I don't want them to institute a health care program for us they have for themselves. That would drain our taxes even more. They need to do whatever they can to let us keep our own tax dollars so we can use it to choose our own health care via good old capitalism.

Ron Greiner said...

To bad we can't find a politician who understands Republican health care reform, the tax free HSA. A 30-year-old couple and 2 children can get HSA health insurance for $207 a month in Lansing, Michigan. Why are taxpayers being raped paying $1,000 a month for city and county workers with family coverage?

Parents should choose the health insurance on their children instead of some uninformed employer. Employers always choose insurance that the children lose when they are no longer "full time" students. If your child is diagnosed with MS, like my daughter, they can look forward to their health insurance termination letter when they are no longer students.

Michigan deserves a governor who understands Republican health care reform. Today when a citizen gets so sick they can't work they lose their employer-based health insurance. This is depressing at best and deadly at worst. In Michigan employers are "SELLING" insurance to their employees with non-licensed fruitcakes without full and proper disclosure. This is a serious ethics violation.

In my state of Florida our Republican Governor is selling "Cover Florida" which has a maximum benefit of $25,000. Charlie Crist doesn't understand that a cancer can cost $500,000 so his insurance is worthless with a serious illness. Michigan needs a governor who has a clue on Republican health care reform.

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