Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Effort by the Legislature to Allow Your Taxes to Go Up.


Your property taxes keep going up, even as your property values decline. Feel like giving your community yet another opportunity to raise your property taxes? Well, if you act quickly, you may be able to stop the legislature from allowing an ill-conceived idea to become law. Details are below.

Today, there exists in law a public act called The Recreational Authorities Act. It allows cities, counties, villages, and townships to create a recreational authority. What is an "authority" you might ask? It is a governmental body that has the authority to levy fees and taxes. In the case of a recreational authority, it allows for the building of playgrounds, swimming pools, conference centers, museums, etc. for the community to enjoy.

Under HB4700 and its twin brother SB222, SCHOOL DISTRICTS will be allowed to form an authority and ask for up to one mill in new taxation on your home to build a recreational center, park, swimming pool, etc.

Well, what do you think are the chances that school districts all across the state will be lining up to ask for one mill tax increases on your property so they can provide more recreation for your kids?

Senate Bill 222 has already passed the Senate. It has cleared the House Education Committee and is on the House floor awaiting final passage. If it passes the House, it WILL be signed by the governor and you will have yet one more potential tax increase to fight off.

Oh, but they aren't raising my taxes, you might say. They are just giving the district the opportunity to ASK for a millage increase. Perhaps so, but guess how that millage increase will be requested? By an all out effort from individuals and organizations who tend to be funded by taxpayers!

The time to act is RIGHT NOW. Call or e-mail your legislator in the House today. Tell them that as much as you love to see recreational opportunities for your kids, school districts should stick to education and let the city you live in worry about playgrounds and swimming pools.

Click here to find your lawmaker. Call or write today!


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