Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Lords and Ladies of Congress Have Another Program for the Serfs

Have you ever noticed that there is a tendency by the Lords and Ladies of Congress to apply certain laws and regulations on the “serfs” (the people) but exempting themselves?

President Barack Obama joined key members of Congress in a press conference Wednesday, to announce that Congress would begin the monumental task of rapidly reforming US healthcare.

Obama indicated he would leave Congress to draft the legislation, but called for it to encompass "three basic principles." "First that the rising costs of health care have to be brought down; second, that Americans have to be able to choose their own doctor and their own plan; and, third, all Americans have to have quality, affordable health care.”


This sounds great, doesn’t it? The President knows these goals are impossible to achieve in a plan that is run by the government, but it is such a great sound bite that nothing else matters. Unfortunately, most Americans are too concerned about their own financial well-being; they don’t have time to pay attention to the details of a “Universal Health Care Plan.” They don’t know that everywhere else on the planet this has been tried, it has been an abysmal failure.


No matter, the mainstream media has just hammered home the message that we will have a government-run, socialized, single-payer plan that will be less expensive, allow for choice of doctor and plan, and will provide quality, affordable health care. Mr. Obama has the loudspeaker of the mainstream media spreading his message, regardless whether it is truthful or accurate.


Congress is about to foist a health care plan on America that will not work and will greatly increase the cost of health care while only lowering the quality. Here is an idea: why not tell the Lords and Ladies of Congress to try it on themselves before forcing it on the serfs?


Let’s tell Congress that if they have such a great idea, they should enact a pilot program, run it for three years, and then evaluate it for cost, quality, availability, etc. And who should be the test group? Congress! Yes, let’s tell Congress to try their great ideas on themselves, their staff members, and all members of the executive branch of the federal government. There are over one million employees in the executive branch alone. That should be a large enough group to successfully test a pilot program for three years. If it works as well as they think it will, they can roll it out for the rest of the country.


Why not send a note to your member of Congress, Lady Speaker Pelosi, and Lord Leader Reid suggesting this idea. Tell Congress, “you think it such a great idea, you go first!

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