Monday, February 9, 2009

Macomb Commissioner facing recall for English Proposal?

Macomb County Charter Commissioner Harry Awdey is a bright young man. At 20 years of age, he was the youngest person ever to be elected to office in Macomb County. Now twenty-one years old, Harry is one of only four Republicans on the 26 member Macomb Charter Commission. Their primary task is to craft a new charter for the county. 

As a limited government conservative, Harry has been a proponent of transparency in government. He understands that government tends to grow and waste taxpayer money. His transparency in government proposal would shed a bright light on the operations of government and expose the mismanagement and misuse of taxpayer funds.

Last week, in another move to limit government and keep costs down, Commissioner Awdey proposed making English the official language of Macomb County. He notes that county government is faced with printing a growing number of documents in foreign languages, which is putting a strain on the county budget. His proposal has not met with support from his fellow commissioners.

This proposal makes good sense. It follows the concept that it is better to "teach a man to fish" than to give him a fish everyday. Upon investigation, Harry had discovered that the county spends more on bilingual education than on English as a Second Language. In other words, the county is investing more to keep immigrants speaking their native language than learning the language that will help them improve their economic standing. In fact, as reported by U.S., U.S. Census data reveals that an immigrant's income rises about 30% as a result of learning English. There are many more common-sense reasons to pass an Official English proposal. Learn more about this issue at the U.S. English web site.

Feel free to call members of the Macomb Charter Commission and let them know your feelings. Reach them at 586-463-2674 or contact them through their web site.

Read more about Harry Awdey and his proposal at the links below. You may also send a note of support or feedback to Harry here. You may make a $5 or $10 contribution to his "recall defense fund" on his web site.

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