Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House Poised to Move "Card Check" Resolution

A non-binding resolution has been introduced in the House calling on Congress to enact the "Employee Free Choice Act" (EFCA). That sounds like a good thing, but in fact the "Card Check" legislation, as it is also known, would deny the right of an employee to vote on a private ballot whether s/he would want a collective bargaining contract in his or her place of employment. Currently, private ballots are used to decide whether a shop is represented by a union.

House Resolution 10 was discharged from the Labor Committee, without a hearing in ncommittee, and sent directly to the House floor for a vote. It could be taken up any day. Incidentally, a resolution was also introduced in the Senate to oppose the Card Check legislation. Senate Resolution 16 passed the Senate on February 19, along party lines.

It would be unfortunate if the House sent a message to Congress that employees should be denied the right to decide whether they want union representation with a secret ballot. The EFCA would allow for intimidation to take place on the shop floor or even in the employee's home when the union rep. comes to visit. This bill is so radical that even that staunch pro-labor liberal, former US Senator George McGovern staunchly opposes it. You can learn more at

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george keeler said...

Its no wonder no one wants to start a busines in this state. Between the government regulating and taxing and the union leadership demanding more for less. Why should anyone want to get ahead in the country?
I can't believe this even made it to a committee