Monday, February 23, 2009

It Is Time to Focus on Victory

Our convention is over; our leaders are in place, from committee members to vice-chairs to Party Chairman. We are ready to move forward to victory in 2010.

We were inspired by a rousing call to action from Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi. The governor told us that we needed to get all “60% of the people who might vote Republican to do so.” He reminded us that we do not need 60% of the people to become Republicans, only to VOTE Republican. He also remarked on the significance of the small donor. As he said, “someone who gives you $5,000 may give the other party $5,000 as well, but the person who gives you $20 will VOTE for you.

On Saturday our new Chairman, Ron Weiser gave us our marching orders. He has a plan and he is passionately committed to it. In my personal discussions with Ron, I was impressed with his laser-like focus on one goal, winning! As he told me, the party will not invest any time or money on anything that is not directed towards victory right here, in Michigan, and I believe him.

The special election in the 19th Senate district will be our first test. It looks like Mike Nofs will be our standard bearer, and he has what it takes to win. We will need all hands on deck to capture this seat from the Democrats, and doing so will send the first shot across the Democrats’ bow. We will put them on notice that we are ready to take this state back for the party that empowers the people, not the ruling class.

On a Personal Note

I was humbled and honored by the many people who came up to me at the convention to wish me well and encourage me. I found myself saying “thank you” over and over again. How can I ever repay the many individuals who volunteered to gather signatures, make phone calls, and recruit their friends, the hundreds of generous donors who gave in spite of the long odds? To those who I did not greet in person at the convention, let me say thanks. I will always remember what you did for me and for the cause. It will be good enough for me to know that our efforts in 2008 helped get us closer to victory in 2010. No fight, fought valiantly is ever fought in vain.

Looking forward, you will do me a great honor by joining with me in support of our new Chairman and dong what you can to make victory a reality. Remember the principles upon which we stand; give of your time and your treasure. Help us find great candidates, or BE one! Let’s win in the cities, the counties, and the legislature and let’s win the governor’s mansion back! I look forward to standing and fighting with you.

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