Friday, February 20, 2009

2009 Will Be a Very Busy Year

Many of you have been asking what I will be doing in 2009. I am happy to announce that I have been named Executive Director of Citizens' Voice for Property Owners (CIVPRO).

I have always been a free market conservative. For six years I did what I could to hold back the growth of government and protect constitutional rights. The right to property is one of those basic rights. Along with the right to life and liberty, it is what sets us apart from so many other countries around the world.

Unfortunately, as government has continued to grow, your freedoms to own and use your property as you see fit has been severely eroded. Through a process called regulatory taking, not only have you been prohibited from using your property, but in many cases it has lost much of its value.

Property owners need a voice. CIVPRO will be that voice for home owners, developers, farmers and businesses large or small. We will work with legislators to craft good laws that put the protections of your land rights into statute, if not into the State Constitution. We will uphold the rights of ownership and hold elected officials accountable for protecting those rights. It will be challenging and rewarding work.

Along with this full-time occupation, I will also be serving as the State Advisory Chairman for Americans for Prosperity of Michigan (AFP-MI), a non-profit organization that works to protect free-market principles.

After six years of full-time legislative work, I look forward to the freedom and independence of working outside the party structure to defend the conservative principles that made this nation great, not only as a full-time advocate for property rights, but also in my new role with AFP-Michigan.


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GOP Convention This Weekend

This weekend, Republicans from across the state will gather to elect our new leadership team and begin to strategize for victory in 2010. I agree with former Governor John Engler who said in a recent letter, "When I talk to people in Michigan, they tell me they want the Republican Party to return to its core principles. They want leaders who will insist on common-sense fiscal responsibility and leaders who believe empowering people creates jobs and strengthens our culture."

I agree with Governor Engler. If we are to be successful we will all need to work together. I encourage all of you to join Chairman Weiser and the entire new leadership team to identify and recruit quality candidates for every House and Senate district.


Robbie Rankey for Youth Vice-Chair

The race for Youth vice-chair is the only one that is still contested. While I believe both candidates would do a fine job, I am supporting Robbie Rankey. I spoke at length to him and found him to be refreshingly honest and forthright. I am confident that Robbie will be a defender of the core principles and values Republicans stand for. Robbie comes across as organized, passionate and motivated. I am proud to support him for youth vice-chair. Regardless the outcome, I look forward to supporting the entire leadership team as we take on the challenges ahead.

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