Friday, August 22, 2008

Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

Here is another issue where Senator Levin and I have a fundamental difference of opinion. It seems that whenever a vote comes up in the US Senate regarding dealing with illegal immigration issues, Mr. Levin is on the wrong side of the issue and the wrong side of the American people. For more detail on his voting record, go here.

One of the hottest topics in this state is "Sanctuary Cities." Detroit and Ann Arbor are sanctuary cities. They are described as cities that do not allow funds to be used to
enforce federal immigration laws.

Carl Levin has voted at least twice in the Senate to support Sanctuary Cities. He supports allowing cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor to defy federal guidelines...that help federal agents crack down on illegal immigration. We all know that most illegals come here looking for a job, not to do harm. But, first of all, how do we know which ones are just here to work and which ones are here to do harm?  And secondly, we must realize that many of those who come here illegally with good intentions are still using our health care and education system and (thanks to Carl Levin's support) even our Social Security System without paying anything in.

As your US Senator, I will support legislation that will remove incentives for foreign nationals to come here illegally. The United States is a nation of immigrants. (My parents came here legally from Holland in 1942.) But, we must insist that those who wish to come here to start a new life in the land of opportunity and liberty do so through legal channels.

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