Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are you ready for the big Levin-Hoogendyk debate

Public television station WGVU Grand Rapids has extended an invitation for a "town hall style debate" between me and Senator Carl Levin. It would be a wide open forum for 60 minutes and it would be simulcast on seven public television stations statewide as well as on several NPR affiliated radio stations. I have already responded that of course I am willing to debate Mr. Levin anytime, anywhere.

It would be a huge disservice to the voters in Michigan if they were not allowed  to see first hand where the candidates stand on the issues and for Mr. Levin to answer for his 30-year track record as a US Senator.

He has yet to respond to WGVU's request. Perhaps he could use a little encouragement. Would you like to see this debate take place? I encourage you to contact Mr. Levin and let him know you are looking forward to watching him in a debate with his Republican opponent. You can e-mail the campaign office or call 248-443-6846. It only takes a moment to let them know.

You may also contact the station and thank them for offering to air the debate. General Manager Mike Walenta can be reached at walentam@gvsu.edu [mailto:walentam@gvsu.edu] or you  can call him at 616-331-6737.

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