Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dying Cities...What is the Common Link?

Forbes Magazine came out with a story listing the top ten "Dying Cities" in America.
Ohio was Number 1 with four dying cities. Michigan was Number 2 with two cities, Detroit and Flint. When you look at the list, you might be struck that there are a couple of things these cities have in common. First, they are dominated by Democrats up and down the ticket: state senators and representatives, congressional representation, mayors, city council members, etc. Secondly, these two cities are run by the Big Unions, not only the labor unions but also the civil service unions.

Let's face it folks, over the last thirty-plus years, liberal democratic policies and big union domination have ruined two of the most beautiful and vibrant cities of the early 20th century. How about that change you mentioned, Mr. Obama? Oh, I'm sorry, you (and your new buddy Mr. Levin) want to give us more of the same, don't you?

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