Thursday, August 7, 2008

And on the Subject of Government Efficiency...

Some may have heard that the Federal Election Commission reported I had failed to file my campaign pre-primary report on time. The deadline for postmark was midnight, July 29th. We shipped it out on the 29th for next-day delivery via United States Postal Service. Feel free to go to the FEC web site and see for yourself, big as life, the Hoogendyk for Senate campaign filing, dated July 29, 2008. In spite of this, the FEC issued a press release on August 1 that I had not yet filed.

Either the quasi-government post office failed to deliver it on time as promised, or the government-run Federal Election Commission lost it somewhere in the mail room for seven days. We are still trying to find out, but it takes a while to get answers from a government-run agency in a timely manner.

Lesson learned, from now on, we will file with UPS!

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