Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Aid Fund Budget is Half-a-billion Dollars in the Red

Demonstrating the height of fiscal irresponsibility, the Democrat-led House of Representatives, today passed a School Aid Fund Budget (HB4359) for the new year that grows by over $300 million and spends $500 million more than anticipated revenues. Because the budget must, by constitutional mandate, be balanced by October 1st, we have just over one month to find that $500 million. We could take it out of the general fund, which means equal cuts in other programs, or we could raise taxes by $500 million.

The Democrats say we are doing the right thing; providing essential education services to our children. "Funding public education is providing a huge service to the children of our state", said the chair of Higher Ed. appropriations. "A vote against this bill is a vote against investing in our children", he continued.

I note that this new budget includes over $100 million in early childhood education. We are now providing full-time, all-day school for four-year old kids in this state. This is a direct affront to parents of this state. The Dems do not believe parents are qualified to teach our children. What a shame.

1 comment: said...

This is the one that really gets me... way to use school kids as a political prop, Mr. Speaker.

Funny, too, that they're spending all this extra money but haven't introduced a bill to provide the "revenue enhancement."