Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dems find another pot of money...Racinos!

Michigan, which arguably has more gambling outlets than any other state besides Nevada, may see even more growth in gaming. Currently, this state has seven horse race tracks where bets may be placed. Discussions started yesterday about allowing slot machines, table games and other forms of gambling at the tracks. Is this being suggested because we need more gambling opportunities? Is it because it would produce thousands of new, high-paying jobs, or grow the state's economy? NO, the reason why "Racinos" are being proposed is because it would bring in $500 million or more in new tax revenue!

Match that number to the shortfall in school aid funding and you can easily connect the dots. The bottom line is, there is no discipline at all with most legislators to cut spending to match income. As long as they can find ways to separate you from your money, they will do it and just keep on spending until the well goes dry.

You can learn more about the Democrats plan by going to the web site of the House Regulatory Reform Committee Chair:

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