Friday, March 2, 2012

Susan Chmielewski Weighs in on Dele-Gate

I'm sending this to the people of the 15th District and Wayne County Republican Committee.

I've been hearing from many upset people about the meeting on Wed. and would like to address your concerns. As a Santorum supporter I would like one of those two votes but that was not what was decided at a meeting of the Credentials Committee meeting Feb.4th. I'm not sure why they had another meeting but I do know as of Mon. Feb. 27th at a Wayne County Republican meeting with 40 people in attendance, our Chairman told us about the Feb. meeting where all on the committee voted for the first two votes on the At Large list to go to the candidate who received the most votes statewide. It was explained to us that it might not be possible to divide them because of so many candidates Remember this was before we knew who would win Michigan.  

This was not an after the fact back room deal. This was a before the fact decision by everyone on that committee. I hope all of you understand I would love my candidate to get one of those votes but it would be wrong to change the original decision. 

Those of you who know me well know I would never support wrong doing and would be the first one to pitch a fit if I thought there was anything shady happening. If this issue continues to dominate our time we will have no chance of electing Republicans in the fall. We need to get buzy doing what we do best, campaigning for our candidates. Thank you for your time.

Susan Chmielewski
15th CDRC State Committee Member

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