Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are Republicans in Congress Losing Their Courage?

From the New York Times – “WASHINGTON — House Republicans, unsure how to proceed, have slowed their efforts to overturn a federal rule requiring employers, including religious institutions, to provide female employees with free health insurance coverage for contraceptives.

While most House Republicans still support legislation to broaden the exemption for religious employers, House Republican leaders are carefully reviewing their options on the issue, which Democrats used to political advantage in the Senate.”

Back on February 8th, Speaker John Boehner vowed to block the Obama rule. He said the Energy and Commerce Committee would take the lead in overturning the policy. On that same day, Energy Chair, Fred Upton said “I plan to move quickly” on the legislation. 

That was seven weeks ago. Since then, we have heard nothing but crickets. What happened? Have they lost their moral courage? The Times story reports that they have decided not to move on the legislation until they see “political benefits to pressing the issue.”

Political benefits? They are holding up the protection of religious freedom because of politics? How unfortunate. Read the full story in the Times here.

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