Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Labor Freedom Coalition to Speak on Capitol Steps Thursday 9:45 a.m.

Contact: Terry Bowman, 734-585-4901

Ypsilanti, MI - Terry Bowman, UAW member and president of Union Conservatives, Inc., is announcing the confirmed speakers at a press conference to take place on the steps of the Michigan
Capitol Building, on Thursday, March 29th, at 9:45 a.m:
  • Terry Bowman, UAW member and president of Union Conservatives
  • Vinnie Vernuccio, Labor Policy Council from Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Scott Hagerstrom, State Director for Americans for Prosperity
  • Tony Demott, State Director for Campaign for Liberty
  • Gary Glenn, president of The American Family Association of Michigan
  • Brian Pannabecker, UAW member and spokesman for Michigan Freedom to Work
  • Stacy Swimp, president of The Frederick Douglas Foundation of Michigan
  • David Bego, Indiana and Michigan business owner - and author 
  • Jay McNally from The Healthcare Compact
  • Michigan economist Harry Veryser
  • Steve Mobley from Citizens Alliance for Life and Liberty and for Center-Right
Also making an appearance at the microphone will be Michigan Legislators:
  • Rep. Mike Shirkey
  • Sen. Pat Colbeck
  • Sen. Jack Brandenburg
  • Sen. Dave Robertson
  • Sen. Phil Pavlov
We will be discussing issues related to the recent union bosses announcement of a ballot petition drive to change Michigan's constitution.

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