Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mission Statement of Michigan Board of Education: Adopted by Republicans, Repealed by Democrats

Don't you wish the state board of education still had this as their Vision and Mission?
We, the (1995) Michigan State Board of Education, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom, do earnestly desire to secure these blessings for our children. A blessing of Freedom is to reaffirm an important truth.  Religion, morality, and knowledge are necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, so therefore schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.  Good government entrusts citizens to conduct a great experiment in Freedom to seek excellence in providing a quality education for their own families and other children in their communities.

We, the Michigan State Board of Education, believe that to teach a child created by God is a noble calling; that throughout life, parents are a child’s first teachers with the primary right and responsibility for their child’s education.  A quality education is rooted in character and academic excellence. It seeks to help a child develop to his or her fullest potential in heart, mind and body. It encourages a child always and everywhere to seek truth, to know what is good, to develop a disciplined mind and a wise, kind and discerning heart, and to be a self-responsible Citizen who leads a full and good life as a productive and contributing member of a free society.

We, the Michigan State Board of Education both united in vision and philosophy and empowered by our Constitution to respond with leadership, humbly serve to enable, promote, and inspire a new spirit and birth of freedom, self- government, excellence and accountability in our local communities for all who are involved in the lifelong education of students.  In working to achieve this mission we recognize a quality education is first the responsibility of parents and students, then of teachers, administrators, school boards and others in the local community; we support public education; we support school choices for parents; we encourage the development, support, and recognition of quality teachers; we support local accountability that enhances excellence in education; we advocate the removal of barriers that constrain efforts to open, sustain, and/or expand quality schools and other quality educational opportunities in the marketplace of a free society; and we pray for wisdom in all decisions that impact the lives of the students we serve.

Adopted January 19, 1995 by
Clark Durant, President
Marilyn F. Lundy, Vice President
Dorothy Beardmore, Secretary
Barbara Roberts Mason, Treasurer
Katherine DeGrow, member
Kathleen Straus, member
Gary L. Wolfram, member
John Engler, ex officio, Governor, State of Michigan
Robert E. Schiller, ex officio, Superintendent of Public Instruction


Dennis Buchholtz said...

How can they actually mention "GOD"?
No wonder the Lib's repealed it.
I'd like to read the one that replaced this.Just for comparison.
Dennis Buchholtz

We Hold These Truths said...

Thanks for posting this Jack. I was one of the people who spoke to the MB of Ed. to try and persuade them not to reject this Mission Statement. It was a sad day for Michigan. Rejection of this Mission Statement is a direct refutation of the our nation's founding principles and values.
All 50 state constitutions acknowledge(d) God; all but four in their Preambles. 31 states use the words in their preambles "grateful to Almighty God," 17 states reference gratefulness to God for "freedom" or "liberty(ies)" and 13 states reference gratefulness to God for "civil and religious liberties/privileges" or "civil, political and religious liberty." Progressives have been almost completely successful is severing Americans from our biblical heritage. We must "redig the wells" of our heritage to return America to foundational reliance on God.

Anonymous said...

Could you post a more current Mission Statement for a comparison?