Friday, September 9, 2011

Hoekstra Slams Hoffa for Calling Tea Party Members "Sons of B*****S"

Teamster Union President James Hoffa maligned tea party members as “sons of b*****s” as he introduced President Obama at a Labor Day rally in Detroit, and the White House has said the president won’t apologize for Hoffa.

Pete Hoekstra says he’s alarmed by such hateful talk.

“This kind of rhetoric has no place in American politics,” he declares.

“The litany of people who are trying to engage the tea party and Republicans in a street fight goes on and on. Let’s not get dragged into the street fight that they want to pull us into.

“We need to be talking about solutions to the problems and the issues that face America. The reason that the president and other individuals are engaged in this rhetoric is they don’t want us talking about the failed policies of this president in regard to jobs, the economy and the deficit.”

Watch this NewsMax interview with former Congressman Peter Hoekstra.

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