Friday, August 14, 2009

"Food Safety Bill" Clears House With Support from EVERY Member of Michigan Delegation, Save One.

HR 2749 passed the House on July 30, 2009 with the support of every member of the Michigan Delegation, Democrats and Republicans, except one member: Peter Hoekstra. Read the sorry details here.


Neil Karl said...

Oh, why did Rep McCotter and all the other conservative Republicans vote for this bill?

Mike Stroven said...

Because they are all a bunch of filthy corporate-sponsored parasites.. Except forPete Hoekstra.

Dawn Hansen said...

All the people who supported this bill, as well as the authors of it, should be sent to live in a bubble in outer space and leave the earth to the rest of us. These people obviously don't have the guts to live in a real world alongside a few germs and bacteria. And, yes, I have had salmonella.

Thank you, Pete, for voting against the destruction of another great Michigan industry--- agriculture.