Friday, August 14, 2009

Is the FDA about to become the "Soup Nazi?"

Say goodbye to the family farm.
It's called the Food Safety Enhancement Act (H.R. 2749). Under this legislation, according to Paul Williams, Ph.D., "this Act will grant the FDA the authority to regulate how crops are raised and harvested; to quarantine a geographic area; to make warrant-less searches of business records; and to establish a national food tracing system. It will impose annual registration fees of $500 on all facilities holding, processing, or manufacturing food. Farmers who fail to comply with the new regulations will be subjected to fines and criminal prosecution.

"Under the terms of the bill, crops must be grown in sterile areas, surrounded by 450 foot buffers, so that they are not exposed to other vegetation, runoffwater, birds, beasts, or wildlife of any kind. "To create such sterile farms, ponds will be poisoned; wetlands drained; and streams re-routed to safeguard the crops from untreated water. "Trees will be bulldozed from agricultural corridors to protect the fields from bird droppings. "Fields will be lined with poison-filled tubes to kill rodents. "All children under five will be prohibited from stepping foot on farmland or tilled soil for fear of leaky diapers. "A crow landing in a cornfield will mandate the destruction of the entire corn crop."

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Reagan 50 years ago

Ronald Reagan predicts the march of socialism through the federal takeover of the national health care system...50 years before it happens! Watch a one-minute video that says it all here.

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