Monday, September 15, 2008

You Do Remember Woodstock, Don't You?

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Great Pumpkin said...

Where was Carl Levin, when all those factory jobs were leaving Michigan.
Union and non-Union jobs. He was not there to support those companyies

Carl Levin left the people of Michigan High and Dry. We need someone who will help everyone in Michigan, not just themselves!

Suann said...

I "do not" think that we should bail out everything that is going on. My husband & I pay ours bills and if we know that we can not afford to buy something, we just do not buy it. We do not buy a house that we know we can not afford, even thou the banks tell us we can afford a much more higher price house(and we been told that by banks} We know that we have other bills to pay for, like "food, Dr's, Ins., our lights & heat, etc." Some poeple should just know better and not listen to what the banks tell you can afford. I think the banks, mortgages should be held for their greed & mistakes. If someone that runs a smaller business, did those things they would lose the business and"GO TO JAIL" Why is it so different for the bigger companies? Now we all got to pay for the mistakes of people who know they could not afford what they bought and for the "greed of the banks & mortgage companies" I would like to buy a new car but, I know that we can not afford it so that means that we can not do it. And we have very good credit. That does not mean we will buy something we can not afford.Wake-up people.

Michele said...

Really I despise Carl Levin myself, but blaming the trillions in debt on anything without mentioning Bush's tax cuts for the rich and the $10 BILLION PER MONTH being spent in Iraq for the last 5 years is a bit misleading don't you think?

Jack Hoogendyk said...

Michele, I think your question is a good one. My response is on the front page of the site today under the heading of "More Straight Talk." Thanks again for your honest response.

Ron G. Detroit, MI said...

I would like to know what is Michigan Proposal 08-2 really asking. How is this going to be paid for? They say they aren't going to need funding. But everytime we vote, it seems the government is asking us to pay. It seems fairly open in its wording

Tim Miller said...

I appreciate your intellectual honesty in opposing bailouts when nobody else seems to question the general principle behind the bailouts. I agree with you; however, with the auto industry I believe that it was federal regulation and the government's inability to deal with the energy crisis that created the industry's problems in the first place.

Therefore, since the government mandated higher CAFE standards and refused to get out of the way of creating and using energy, I agree with the loan guarantees.

Again, thanks for honestly addressing these issues. I'm proud to vote for you, even if I disagree on some things.