Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Guess this Question is Above Carl Levin’s Pay Grade, Too.

Carl Levin is a learned man, a lawyer, I believe. He has been serving in the US Senate since 1978. And, yet, he cannot figure out when life begins. In a recent letter to a constituent, his response to the question of overturning Roe V. Wade was as follows:

“Until there is a greater consensus among medical, scientific, and religious leaders about when life begins, I am unwilling to support legislation which would overturn the Roe v. Wade decision and weaken a woman’s right to make an individual decision on abortion.”

Either Senator Levin is the biggest coward since Barack Obama, or he can’t accept good scientific evidence. Or perhaps the good Senator is so deep in the pockets of the pro-abortion lobby that he has chosen to ignore information that is as plain as the spectacles on his nose.

I guess if you really think about it, Mr. Levin is pretty clever. He didn’t say, “until there is compelling evidence” because the evidence is very compelling. What he said was, “until there is greater consensus.” So, apparently Mr. Levin’s courage goes about as far as the door to his office. I can only assume that he will continue to support the legal right of a doctor to slaughter the innocents until 100% of all doctors, scientists, and clergy agree that life begins at conception.

Levin doesn’t care about truth; he only cares about opinion. Is this the kind of principled, courageous leadership you want from your US Senator?


Henny said...

Until people realize that an unborn child is a child, and not a slogan, abortion will not become personal until its too late. Abort 73 has done a great job of educating our youth. The boomers and old pro choice people are not getting pregnant. They are just repeating mantras.
Find Lila Rose's videos about exposing Planned Parenthood and learn about the inherent racism and cover ups involved with pregnant underage girls. Why should they continue to receive federal funds?Its already about the money. Excuse my rant, I'm a boomer that is frustrated with people that have made up their minds, please don't confuse them with the facts. Go Jack, preach it! Firebrand conservative, indeed.

Andrew Smith said...

Liberals go on and on about choice, but that isn't the argument at all. It's a famous tactic when your position doesn't have any legs. Abortion is an abhorrent practice that has to be called what it is; the destruction of a life for a convenience. "Pro-choice" people want to distract others from acknowledging the truth and replace it with something else. They like to claim that the debate about personhood is far from settled. Nothing could be further from the truth and they know it. They just don't have the courage to admit it to themselves or anything else, for risk of offending someone. Everyone knows in their heart that embryos are simply less-developed people, and to destroy them is snuffing out a child's life. It's not an opinion, it's scientific fact. The only thing missing is the legal guarantee that the rights granted to all born persons also extend to the unborn. Carl Levin lacks the moral fiber to stand up and fight for what every human being should have; the right to life. Instead, he makes excuses and dodges the hard issues. That's typical for a career politician.