Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SB 776 is Now on Final Passage

Representative Brian Palmer is now speaking to a bill he has been trying to get done for over five years. His House version has not moved, but the Senate version, introduced by Sen. Cameron Brown, was passed on January 22, 2008, on the 35th anniversary of the legalization of abortion through the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.

The bill passed by a veto-proof 74-32 and is now on its way to the Governor for her signature or veto.

Be sure to let the Governor know what you think she should do.


Anonymous said...

If the vote is veto proof, then what does it matter what Granholm does? Could someone explain please?


Elliot said...

OneMom, the bill passed by a veto-proof margin in the House, but in the Senate, the vote was 24 (or 25) to 13. That's 65.7%, and it's one vote short of the number we need to overturn a Granholm veto.

Representative Hoogendyk, please correct me if I'm wrong.