Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have We Lost Our Minds?

This 35 second video says a lot...

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Wade Moline said...

As a 25 year veteran firefighter I am appalled at this type of action. As the reporter stated, why not make the crew learn english? Especially if it is for safety reasons. And think about all that experienced lost by laying-off or demoted the crew bosses.

As a fire department captain, my department would lose 18 years of leadership from me if they demoted me for not learning to speak another language, or lose 25 years of experience if they laid me off (FIRED) for the same reason.

Where is the safety in firing an experienced crew boss? And where is the right to not have to learn another language? The constitution does not require American citizens to learn any other language.

My sister was a public school teacher in Yuma, Arizona. They told her she had to learn Spanish or face losing her job. She quit, got hired to teach in a private parochial school and now her kids attend that school as her kids get free tuition for her being an employee there.

Good help is getting hard to find when states make dumb moves like this.