Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Cost of Getting Good Pro-life Legislation

Senate Bill 776, read here: http://michiganvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=54423 has been languishing in the House since January 22, when it passed the Senate. We have waited through broken promise after broken promise by the Speaker to run this bill.

Finally, in an apparent breakthrough on Right-to-Life Legislative Day, the Speaker agreed to allow a discharge motion to put the bill on the House floor. They did that, but they did not vote on it. Instead, to the disappointment of three hundred RLM members in town for the day, the vote never took place. The Speaker sent Planned Parenthood-endorsed State Rep. Rebekah Warren (http://www-personal.umich.edu/~ebjorn/images/pa/endorse/12ppam.htm)
out to negotiate a compromise with Right to Life.

Moments ago, the House Judiciary committee, chaired by Pro-choice legislator Paul Condino, posted their agenda for Thursday. They will be running three bills: HB 6048, 6049 and 6050. These bills would respectively, require emergency rooms to offer emergency contraceptives, require pharmacists to fill prescriptions for contraceptives whether they want to or not, and create the Emergency Contraceptive Education Act. These bills are brand new; I haven't read them yet, not sure what that last one would do.

So, is this the price to be paid for a bill that is supported by 80% of the general public and 69 of 110 State Reps?


RightMichigan.com said...

I know this is sacrilige but I'm dissapointed in how RTL has handled this situation, at least in public. Maybe they're working wonders behind the scenes but from this angle a little hard ball is all that it'd take to get this overwhelmingly bi-partisan issue through the supposedly pro-life Speaker's office.

That said, I'm not in the back rooms or a fly on the wall for their private discussions. Maybe there's an end game. I just hope it's a doozy.


J. Bowen said...

As I have just told my Rep. and Sen. via email, I am opposed to this bill. I could care less about the fight between the anti-choice and pro-choice lobbies. What concerns me is the attempt to force private businesses to perform services that they might not want to perform. If the bill had said that public hospitals and pharmacists would be required to fill prescriptions whether they wanted to or not, then I might be able to support it, but it doesn't.

I'm also against giving immunity to the women involved in partial-birth abortions. Regardless of whether you believe that the fetus is a human being yet, the women involved in PBAs actively seek out PBAs. The doctors are not doing this to these women, they are doing this for these women. If people are going to be punished for providing PBAs then the people who seek out the PBAs ought to be punished just as harshly (I haven't even went into the coat-hanger argument).

Anonymous said...

This is what we get when we elect Socialists. This governor has successfully run our state into the ground. The Socialist-dominated House of Representatives is heaping burning coals on bare nerves. What will they do next; order our National Guard Troops to put a bullet in the head of any Jew or Christian for being "intolerant"? The reality is that THEY are intolerant, and none of these bills does any right thing. Having heard what the California Supreme Court did to a state-wide referendum, it is convincing that government is imploding, and revolution is right around the corner. Why do we allow this?

J. Bowen said...

Well, take comfort in the fact that socialism is a doomed system (if not because politics doesn't cause the system to collapse then economics surely will). Of course, the fascist system that the Republicans want to give us isn't any better (sorry Jack, but your brothers in arms are no better than the socialists in my eyes).

People like to poke fun at the Latin American countries for having so many revolutions and civil wars, but I believe they're doing things right. Their governments are no better than ours; they just don't last as long (while I'm no fan of Che, he did have the cojones to live up to his convictions). By the way, what ever happened to the Michigan Malitia?