Thursday, January 31, 2008

Your hard working Full-time Legislature wraps up the month

As the month January ends, the House of Representatives has taken fewer than twenty record roll call votes on legislation. The good news is, we didn't do too much to damage the economy.

But one must wonder, would it be helpful if the legislature had only 90 to 120 days to finish its work? What if we were mandated to get to work on March 1st and finish by June 30th?

Next week should be more eventful. The Governor will officially unveil her budget priorities. We will find out where she believes the dollars should be spent, how much she wants to spend and how we will pay for it.

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michael emlong said...

Paying for it is easy more fees and taxes daaaaaa. That is what socialist do best. Tax and spend spend and tax and if you can't get it just earmark it. The only thing growing in Michigan is the Government, how else are we going to pay for all the things we can't do ourselves. Afterll the Government does it better