Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Greetings and Happy New Year! After a nearly one-full-month "holiday" we are back at work. (Part-time Legislature, anyone?) Now that we are back at work, some of "us" are busy thinking of new ways to make government even larger. More for the judges to do, (custody of pets in a divorce); more for health care facilities to do, (mandatory hearing tests for newborns); and a little less freedom of choice at the local department or hardware store, (Mandate that US flags are made in the USA only).

Here is some of the important legislation just one lawmaker has already introduced this year:

  • HB5598, to authorize a court in a divorce case to order either the placement of any pets with one or the other party, or that the pet be surrendered to the humane society. A court could not order “shared custody”; however the parties could agree to this if they choose. Any agreement about pets between the parties would be made enforceable under the bill.
  • HB5596, to require health care facilities, or health care professionals in attendance at a birth, to test newborns for hearing impairment, or see to it that they are tested within 30 days. Also, to require the Department of Community Health to establish a program for the early detection of, and follow-up health care for, infants at risk for hearing impairment.
  • HB5477, to prohibit the sale in Michigan of U.S. flags not made in America.

Oh boy, its great to be back in Lansing serving the people!

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