Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Greetings and Happy New Year! After a nearly one-full-month "holiday" we are back at work. (Part-time Legislature, anyone?) Now that we are back at work, some of "us" are busy thinking of new ways to make government even larger. More for the judges to do, (custody of pets in a divorce); more for health care facilities to do, (mandatory hearing tests for newborns); and a little less freedom of choice at the local department or hardware store, (Mandate that US flags are made in the USA only).

Here is some of the important legislation just one lawmaker has already introduced this year:

  • HB5598, to authorize a court in a divorce case to order either the placement of any pets with one or the other party, or that the pet be surrendered to the humane society. A court could not order “shared custody”; however the parties could agree to this if they choose. Any agreement about pets between the parties would be made enforceable under the bill.
  • HB5596, to require health care facilities, or health care professionals in attendance at a birth, to test newborns for hearing impairment, or see to it that they are tested within 30 days. Also, to require the Department of Community Health to establish a program for the early detection of, and follow-up health care for, infants at risk for hearing impairment.
  • HB5477, to prohibit the sale in Michigan of U.S. flags not made in America.

Oh boy, its great to be back in Lansing serving the people!


Lauri said...

Glad to see our new tax increases are being very well spent!! Didn't know what I'd do with the extra money anyway, maybe buy luxury food????


michael emlong said...

So how much money is going to be wasted in this session? How about giving that 351 million back to the taxpayers. So when are we going to de regulalate the legislature?

Welcome back Jack

wolflady48884 said...


It is so nice to know that these are so important to the people of this state that is quickly being flushed down the proverbial financial crapper.

God have mercy on us all if this is the best they can come up with.

God Bless you Rep Hoogendyk for bringing this to the attention of the people of this state. I will be sure to go look at these bills to see who has signed onto this BS.

Dan said...

I've been rereading Common Sense lately and I think some of your fellow members of Congress should too. I'm thinking mainly the part where it says that the more complicated government becomes the harder it is to fix and the harder it is to point out the problem. I'd say I'd be ok with the state buying everyone in Congress a copy. But the dems wouldn't allow that. There's too many references to the Bible in it. Forget that it's a founding document of our country. It says God. Can't spend tax dollars on that (but I don't have to tell you what we do spend tax dollars on).

Steve Sutton said...

When it comes to pets, we could just ask them: Computer can help your dog communicate.

Obviously a month-long recess is too short.

NTWS said...

Are you just against anything you didn’t think up? Consider HB5596 to test newborns for hearing impairment. The importance of this testing is well documented. When hearing loss is detected late in children, language development is already delayed. Children are more likely to perform below their grade level, and are more likely to be held back, drop out of school, and fail to earn a high school diploma. The National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend that all babies have their hearing tested. You can find all of this information through a simple search on the web. Why not call Constance Brown Hearing Center in Kalamazoo-it’s a local call from your house. This non-profit started this program years ago and could answer all your questions.

If these references aren’t enough for you, try reading the last newsletter from the Helen DeVos Children’s hospital where they reported on a study showing that “A simple, affordable, and routine hearing test given to an infant soon after birth may identify babies at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).” Such a simple, inexpensive test may not only save our state tens (hundreds?) of thousands of dollars by preventing children from ending up as “wards of the state” or on welfare, but might save parents the tragic heartbreak of losing a newborn to SIDS. What business wouldn’t want that fabulous cost/benefit ratio?

As for HB5596, it says that parents can opt out of the test on religious grounds. A practitioner can opt out of doing the test if they don’t have the facility. Is this bill really something you think is a poor idea for our state, or didn’t you bother to investigate the topic before you opposed it?