Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is This the New America?

We scoffed when this lady said Obama would take care of her. But guess what? She was right. Ever heard of disability, food stamps, section 8 housing, free scooters, free phones, free tuition...the list goes on. Do you think America will vote Obama out of office?

I think Mitt Romney's only mistake when he made that 47% remark was that he may have been a few points too low. I guess it all depends on who delivers the most voters on November 6.

What are you doing about it? ...Oh, I am sorry, did I interrupt you while you were watching The X Factor?

2011 stats: Fox News 1.9 million viewers. This weeks ratings: The X Factor, 10.1 million viewers.

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Anonymous said...

Jack, I do believe this is unfortunately the new America. I believe that people who WORK for a living are now the minority, and people who TAKE for a living are the majority. Since a democracy without bounds lets the mob tell the producers what they have to do with what they produce, we're just going to get accelerated taking ("redistribution") from here on out. The unfortunate truth is that that scenario is unsustainable: producers will stop producing, or be crushed under the weight of having to carry the load of the non-producers. I predict Obama will be re-elected, and in 4 years America will be almost unrecognizable, it will either have collapsed or be well on its way to collapse. I don't think anything can be done to stop the collapse now. A system where people can vote to impose taxes on other people that they themselves don't have to pay, and can vote to otherwise control others is inherently flawed, and it's only a matter of time before such a system collapses itself. The only system that can survive is a system where all prperty rights are strictly protected by law, and no one can ever take anything from anyone else by government force.