Friday, September 28, 2012

29% of Younger Americans Don't Pay Attention to the News.

from the Washington Examiner

...Maybe the worst news of all in the poll is that younger Americans are not the news consumers that their parents are. Fully 29 percent of Americans under 25 said they didn't pay attention to news...Young people also consistently spend less time with the news than do older Americans, which is in part attributable to the relatively large share that gets no news on a typical day. In the current survey, those younger than 30 spent an average of 45 minutes getting news yesterday.

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Not only is it alarming that young people do not pay attention to the news, it is also noteworthy that those who do are spending less time reading. That means in-depth analysis is not being absorbed by this age group. Sound bites seem to be about all they can handle. This is not encouraging news.

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