Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Protect States Rights. Protect Shale Fracking.

Daniel Horowitz wrote a great post in red State this morning: "Shale technology coupled with horizontal drilling has created the biggest oil and natural gas boom in recent years. Fracking could become the most auspicious innovation of the past decade. It has already created thousands of jobs, and has the potential to drive down the cost of energy and reinvigorate our economy. Unfortunately, the more successful the private innovation, the more Obama’s regulatory regime will ensure it faces inexorable obstacles." Read more here.

HR 4322 has been introduced to protect states' rights to regulate fracking. So far, 27 members have co-sponsored, but none from Michigan. Take action now to encourage your Congressman, and especially the chair of Energy and Commerce, Fred Upton, to sign on to this bill that will protect states' rights and the future of oil and gas exploration for generations to come.

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Paul Masson said...

I too am in favor of state's rights, jobs and lower gas prices.
But fracking is not so simple. I encourage everyone to view the documentary Gasland, and ask if we want our beautiful Great Lakes state to be raped by corporations drilling wells that are exempt from the Clean Water and Clean Air act.
Cheap gas and a job won't do me much good if I can't drink the water.