Thursday, September 16, 2010

Republican Candidates Wanted: RINOs Need Not Apply

There is a lot of talk coming from the pundits, pollsters and politicians about what the Christine O'Donnell win in Delaware means. Can she win the general? Is the GOP engaged in a Civil War? Can the Republican Party survive the apparent infighting?

There are many things this stunning victory for a "tea party" candidate, along with several other upsets across the country means for the party and the nation. But I believe there is something very important going on. In spite of how these conservative victories, even in blue states, may affect chances for GOP wins in November, one thing is for sure: the voters are getting increasingly fed up with Republicans who do not stand for the principles of the Republican party. No longer are they buying the argument, "We need to keep the (R) candidates, even if we don't like how they vote."

The voters across America are cleaning house. They are standing for party discipline in ways too many elected officials won't. In growing numbers, voters are telling centrist, moderate and RINO Republicans, "You are running at your own peril." Voters are looking for the real deal. They want candidates who believe in the Core Principles.

That will result in a better party, a party voters will support in greater numbers. It will ultimately lead to victories at the polls and success in moving a truly conservative agenda through Congress.

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Anonymous said...

Jack you spoke for 98 per cent of the republicans in the 103rd dist. That is what we want ,real republicans. Real values. We lost our way and now we need to get back to those core principles that will make America great. No more rinos.
Dave Ryan