Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michigan: Family Income Falling the Fastest in the United States

Recent data reveals Michigan now ranks 37th in median family income. That is a 21.3% decline in just the last 9 years. In fact, per-family income has dropped over 6% in the last year alone. In 2000 Michigan ranked 16th, in the mid-1960's Michigan was in the top five states for per-capita income.

In the last decade, Michigan has lost over 1,000,000 highly-paid manufacturing jobs. And what has our current governor done about it? As reported in the Detroit News, "Granholm, speaking Tuesday at a conference on manufacturing in Washington, D.C., said Michigan was creating more than 60,000 new jobs through green programs -- many partially funded by federal grants." I might emphasize that a) these jobs are subsidized by the government, and, b) Michigan is still "creating" these jobs, most of them do not yet, actually exist.

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