Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Think the Governor Will Keep Her Promise?

Last December the governor promised, "No more taxes, no more fee increases."

Here is what MIRS reported today

Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM confirmed this afternoon that five departmental budgets remain "problematic" as lawmakers prepare for an all-night session to address a Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 spending document that is $2.8 billion in the hole.

Budgets dealing with K-12 schools, Medicaid, college scholarships, day care for low-income working families and revenue sharing to local municipalities remain in a state of flux as the Governor and other lawmakers struggle with sparing those priorities against "dangerous cuts" by approving tax increases.

Stay tuned! 

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Anonymous said...

My Husband and I met you at the NORC, White Lk Office in 2008 during the Election. We spoke to you of this very thing! OUR Governor needs to be escortted Out of Office! We have been Tea Parting the best we can. But, THIS New Era of GOVERNMENT is still Way-Out of Control!
It is time for Part Time Pay for Our Part Time Legistators! Take the CUTS OFF the TOP! TERM LIMITS need to be in Place too! ONE More Thing - SPLIT Ticket during the Primary Election, SO IT Is The Person NOT the Party Getting the VOTE!