Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Hope You Are E-mailing Your House Member

The turnout is disappointing, but hopefully, you are keeping the heat on lawmakers not to raise taxes.
Remember, you can't tax yourself into prosperity or a balanced budget. The more taxes go up, the less the private sector produces, and revenues decline. They raised taxes $1.5 billion two years ago to "balance" the budget. So how does that explain the $3 billion shortfall this year?

Contact you lawmaker here.

Tell them, "We already cut our budget this year. Please don't make us cut it again so you don't have to."


michael emlong said...

do us all a favor shut down the damn govt. until we get a tax break for a change

michael emlong said...

when are the teachers and administators going to take a pay cut i am getting sick and tired of funding public schools

Terry said...

Hey Jack, did you show anyone this:

It's just possible we could put public employees and former state representatives (sorry Jack) in the same sort of economy the rest of us have to live in.

Terry said...

Tell the legislators they can come back and start working, the Tigers game is over and the celebration is not until they clinch - tomorrow at the earliest.

michael emlong said...

the michigan legislature and gov are worthless none of them deserve to get paid this year its time for a part time legislature with part time pay
Granholm needs to give her salary back

maidintheus said...

Mr. Hoogendyk,

Please remind if possible, especially the R's: I promise the sun will come up tomorrow, there will be another day. Not so for a vote at the polls if they don't stand firm.

Sarah said...

We homeschool so the school cuts don't bother us. But we have never gotten a tax credit for saving the school system money by schooling our own children.

Terry said...

Please put up a link to the Senate, too. I just sent my esteemed senator a reminder to hold the line on taxes.

Anonymous said...

I sent Huckleberry an e-mail yesterday and today. Yesterday I told him I was planning on him getting a pink slip when he runs for re-election because of his tax and spend policies.

I also sent him a message today telling him he had better vote no on any tax increases or he can consider himself a lame duck.

I also contacted the RNC today and told them I want to work in my county to rid our state of the tax and spenders.